BMW S55 (M3 /M4) Pure Stage 2 Turbos

$ 9,750.00

type: Turbo
Vendor: Pure Turbos


PURE S55 M3/ M4 Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade!

This turbo upgrade is intended for those looking to hit big power goals while maintaining the stealth OE look under the hood. BMW M3/M4 S55 Pure Upgrade Turbos. The only true turbo upgrade set available for these cars. Upgraded billet compressor wheel, upgraded turbine wheel, heavy duty large pad upgrade thrust, and completely CNC machined

All our Stage 2 Upgrades come fully optioned with thrust upgrades, billet wheels, etc. There's no extra charge for features we consider standard issue.

-Fast Spool turbo
-Billet Compressor Wheels
-Bullet Nut
-Thrust Upgrades
-Wastegate Parts Replaced and Upgraded

 If you plan to return your cores, you will be charged $9750 then refunded $4750 once your cores are received and inspected. High flow turbo is $600 extra. 

Contact SSR Performance today for the best pricing and install options in our full service shop in Southern California!

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