Bride Stradia II - Low Max System

$ 1,800.00

type: Seats
Vendor: Bride


Here at SSR Performance we proudly provide to you the finest of Bride's high end line of products...

Using the basic performance of GIASⅡ and improved getting-on-and-off quality by adding the multi-step reclining mechanism is the active comfort model STRADIAⅡ.

● Aluminum frame

● Super aramid black shell / carbon aramid

● 5 colors (Gradation Logo / Black Logo / Red Logo / Blue Logo / Black)

● Resistance-to-flame cloth

● Standard cushion / low cushion

● A safety standard conformity model

● Made in Japan

● Weight(Super aramid):12.0kg /(Carbon aramid):11.9kg

● Reclining


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