S65 Rod Bearing Service - BE Bearings

$ 1,900.00

type: Unknown Type


In store special only!

Tier 3: $1,900 (Option A or Option B)

Option A
*OEM Connecting rod bearings with WPC treatment

*ARP connecting rod bolts

*OEM oil pan gasket

*OEM oil pan bolt set

Option B
*BE connecting rod bearings

*ARP manufactured to BE specs connecting rod bolts

*OEM oil pan gasket

*OEM oil pan bolt set

Please do not hesitate to contact us now!

(800) 438-2808 or info@SSR-Performance.com

Our pricing does not include motor oil or oil filter. Motor oil and oil filter can be supplied at our cost. We like to keep the option available for customers to bring their own fluids, since everyone likes to use different brands and viscosities 

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